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company news about Shenzhen Tuorde Energy Fire Safety Inspection & Training

China Shenzhen Tuorde Energy Co., Ltd certification
China Shenzhen Tuorde Energy Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Shenzhen Tuorde Energy Fire Safety Inspection & Training
Latest company news about Shenzhen Tuorde Energy Fire Safety Inspection & Training
In order to deeply learn from the recent fire accidents in lithium battery manufacturing enterprises inside and outside the province, the Longgang District fire rescue brigade carried out a special fire safety inspections of lithium battery manufacturers,including Shenzhen Tuorde Energy.
1.Focus on “unification”,plan and carry out
Considering the fire safety situation in the district,analyze and judge the fire safety risks that may arise during the entire process of production, storage, and transportation of the lithium battery,carry out fire safety inspection operations for lithium battery manufacturers in the district.
At the same time, organize fire fighters to confirm the fire safety situation of lithium battery manufacturers, remind company leaders to strengthen fire safety precautions, formulate relevant emergency response plans, and strengthen employees' fire safety awareness.
2.Strictly investigate and rectify
Actively organize fire supervisors to inspect lithium battery manufacturers in the district in batches, conduct a comprehensive inspection of lithium battery storage, production and assembly workshops, fire prevention area separation, fire protection facilities and equipment, etc., focusing on the cells & battery packs placement area, charging and testing areas etc.To confirm if there are automatic & effective fire extinguishing systems in these key areas.For hidden dangers discovered during the inspection, the person in charge of the company should immediately implement rectifications.
3. Strengthen fire prevention awareness
Based on the characteristics of lithium battery fire prevention and control, carry out firefighting special ability training and firefighting vocational skills training for employees and key fire safety positions in enterprises.Strengthen the construction of "four capabilities", implement pre-job training, and urge enterprises to strengthen the "three tips" publicity on fire safety.Use the company's outdoor video screens, LED electronic screens or other media to widely broadcast fire safety tips, public service advertisements and fire warning information, and post fire protection posters in conspicuous places.
At the same time, Organize full-time firefighters, grass-roots grid members and other fire protection Dept to get close to the masses, distribute fire protection materials, widely publicize fire safety knowledge such as initial fire fighting and fire scene self-rescue and escape, and actively create a good fire safety atmosphere.
Longgang Fire Rescue Team is very satisfied with Shenzhen Tuorde Energy fire safety equipment and fire prevention measures. Shenzhen Tuorde Energy also conducts regular training for employees, such as fire safety training on fire prevention and fire fighting, self-rescue and escape from fires.
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