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company news about Shenzhen Tourde Energy electric wheelchair lithium battery cycle life and precautions

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China Shenzhen Tuorde Energy Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Shenzhen Tourde Energy electric wheelchair lithium battery cycle life and precautions
Latest company news about Shenzhen Tourde Energy electric wheelchair lithium battery cycle life and precautions
Shenzhen Tourde Energy recently launched a 36v 10ah lithium battery pack, specially designed for electric wheelchairs. According to the requirements, NMC or LFP battery can be selected.The stable voltage platform can meet the continuous and stable power output of electric wheelchairs.The compact and lightweight design conforms to the usage trend of electric wheelchair batteries;The stable and reliable power management system realizes battery control and maximizes efficiency.It's safe, environmentally friendly, with high energy density and good low temperature performance.
A complete charge and discharge of the lithium battery is called a cycle. Under a certain charge and discharge current, the number of charges and discharges that the battery can withstand before the battery capacity reaches a certain specified value is the cycle life of the battery. The cycle life of this electric wheelchair battery can reach 800-1000 times.
Different battery manufacturers have different design requirements for lithium battery life, but the range is within a general range. Safety is closely related to the life of lithium batteries.Lithium batteries with long life and good safety performance have become the standard for consumers to purchase.
In order to effectively extend the life of the lithium battery of a electrical wheelchair, you should pay attention to below points:
1. Avoid to overcharge and over-discharge. Overcharge means that the battery is fully charged but still being charged.Over-discharge means that the electric wheelchair continues to use the battery even after it has run out of power.If use in this way for a long time, will reduce the storage capacity of the lithium battery and shorten its service life. It is recommended that the battery power should always be kept between 30% and 95%.
2. Temperature will have a certain impact on battery power. Generally speaking, lithium batteries are less affected by ambient temperature than lead-acid batteries.
3. When the service life of the lithium battery has expired, it is recommended to replace a new one in time.
Shenzhen Tuorde Energy Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales,investment, construction and operation, specializing in new energy (battery packs, photovoltaic, power replacement, base station operation and maintenance, etc.) application and solutions. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the business policy of "Tourde Energy, Makes Life Better" and Tuorde is committed to providing high-quality products and customized services/products to meet the specific needs of customers.
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