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company news about Advantages of Na+ Sodium ion battery-Shenzhen Tuorde Energy Co.,Ltd

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Company News
Advantages of Na+ Sodium ion battery-Shenzhen Tuorde Energy Co.,Ltd
Latest company news about Advantages of Na+ Sodium ion battery-Shenzhen Tuorde Energy Co.,Ltd

As early as the 1980s, sodium-ion batteries had been briefly studied, but because lithium-ion batteries had obvious advantages in energy density and were widely used in commercial production at the time, the research on sodium-ion batteries was shelved. In recent years, with the maturity of lithium-ion battery research and industrial chain construction, as well as concerns about lithium resources, the research and industrialization process of sodium-ion batteries has entered a new stage. 2023 is even known as the "first year of sodium electricity". Today Shenzhen Tuorde Energy Co.,Ltd will analyze the major advantages of sodium-ion batteries.


Advantages for Na+ sodium ion battery:


1.Cost advantage

Sodium-ion batteries have obvious cost advantages. First, the crustal abundance of sodium ions, the main charge carrier of sodium-ion batteries, is about 2.36%, much higher than the 0.002% of lithium ions. The resource reserves are abundant, and each country can use seawater to prepare sodium salts, so the resources are evenly distributed. Secondly, sodium ion compounds are highly accessible, stable and cheap, which is 1/50 of the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate. Compared with lithium-ion batteries, the overall cost is reduced by 30-50%.


2: High safety
a.Sodium-ion batteries have high safety performance, which can effectively reduce storage and transportation costs.

b. Sodium-ion batteries do not catch fire or explode in tests such as overcharging, overdischarging, short circuiting, and puncture.

c. Sodium-ion batteries have a higher thermal runaway temperature, and are prone to passivation and oxidation and not spontaneously combust in high-temperature environments.

d. Sodium-ion batteries have higher internal resistance than lithium-ion batteries, generate less instantaneous heat in the case of a short circuit, have a lower temperature rise, and have a higher thermal runaway temperature than lithium batteries, making them less likely to cause safety hazards such as fire and explosion.

In summary, sodium-ion batteries are safer than lithium batteries.


3: Better low temperature performance
Sodium-ion batteries have the advantage of wide temperature range, and have good capacity retention rate in the temperature range of -40°C~80°C. In contrast, lithium-ion batteries have a lower capacity retention rate at low temperatures. Therefore, sodium-ion batteries have better performance in low temperature environments.


To sum up, sodium-ion batteries have the advantages of cost advantage, high safety, power characteristics, high and low temperature performance, and production line compatibility, which provide guarantees for the later applications of sodium-ion batteries. The future of sodium electricity is immeasurable.

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